• August 27, 2020

Joanna Grama

Joanna Grama

Vice President, Information Security Practice Leader

Joanna Grama has more than 20 years of experience in higher education with a strong focus on law, IT security policy, compliance, governance, and data privacy. She is a prolific author and frequent public speaker on information security and privacy issues.

Select Presentations

Promise or Peril: Big Questions About AI

April 2019

  - Audience Size: 500
  - Format: Keynote Presenter

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Get Your Governance On--Using Governance Practices to Mature a Campus Information Security Program

2019 Kentucky Cybersecurity Summit
October 2019

  - Audience Size: 100
  - Format: Session Presenter

Adulting 101: Managing Your Online Reputation

2019 Women in Technology Summit, University System of Georgia
July 2019

  - Audience Size: 500
  - Format: Keynote Presenter

Creating/Rebooting Your Campus Information Security Program

EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference 2019
May 2019

  - Audience Size: 50
  - Format: Workshop Panelist, focusing on risk management

Is My Refrigerator Listening to My Conversations Again?

2018 Ohio State University Cyber Day
October 2018

  - Audience Size: 100
  - Format: Invited Session Presenter

Up for a Challenge? Learn How to Become a Successful Higher Education CISO

2017 RSA Conference
February 2017

  - Audience Size: 200
  - Format: Moderator

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EDUCAUSE 2017: Institutions Balance Staff Mobility and Data Security

EDUCAUSE Conference 2017
October 2017

  - Audience Size:
  - Format: Video interview (See 2:55)

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