• August 27, 2020

Joanna Grama, JD, CISSP

Joanna Grama, JD, CISSP

Vice President, Partner, Information Security Practice Leader

Joanna Grama has more than 20 years of experience in higher education with a strong focus on law, IT security policy, compliance, governance, and data privacy. She is a prolific author and frequent public speaker on information security and privacy issues.

Select Presentations

Promise or Peril: Big Questions About AI

April 2019

  - Audience Size: 500
  - Format: Keynote Presenter

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Get Your Governance On--Using Governance Practices to Mature a Campus Information Security Program

2019 Kentucky Cybersecurity Summit
October 2019

  - Audience Size: 100
  - Format: Session Presenter

Adulting 101: Managing Your Online Reputation

2019 Women in Technology Summit, University System of Georgia
July 2019

  - Audience Size: 500
  - Format: Keynote Presenter

Creating/Rebooting Your Campus Information Security Program

EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference 2019
May 2019

  - Audience Size: 50
  - Format: Workshop Panelist, focusing on risk management

Is My Refrigerator Listening to My Conversations Again?

2018 Ohio State University Cyber Day
October 2018

  - Audience Size: 100
  - Format: Invited Session Presenter

Up for a Challenge? Learn How to Become a Successful Higher Education CISO

2017 RSA Conference
February 2017

  - Audience Size: 200
  - Format: Moderator

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EDUCAUSE 2017: Institutions Balance Staff Mobility and Data Security

EDUCAUSE Conference 2017
October 2017

  - Audience Size:
  - Format: Video interview (See 2:55)

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