Safety & Security

Our capabilities around Safety and Security include:

  • Access control
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • Intruder detection and alarm
  • Mass notification systems
  • Security operations review and development
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Evaluate and calculate

A threat and vulnerability assessment is a thorough review of existing security technology, guard deployment, physical barriers, and other factors to determine risk levels along with recommendations to ensure the protection of people and property. Vantage can assess single sites, corporate campuses, and multi-building organizations and recommend the best measures to keep your facility safe.

Security Operations Review and Development

Recipe for Success

Policies and procedures are carefully crafted to ensure safety is maintained in all types of facilities. A review of these procedures can increase efficiency, effectiveness, and increase security within an environment. Vantage can review and develop patrol routines, visitor management policies, emergency response procedures, and additional methods used to implement safety and security at your location.

Access Control

Authorized Personnel Only

Access Control Systems are part of an overall strategy to control when where and how people are allowed to move through a facility or venue. Separating public spaces where anyone can be from restricted spaces where only key personnel are allowed to enter is a key requirement in keeping people, equipment, and ideas secured and safe. Card readers are the most visible technology in an access control system but they work in conjunction with doors that are locked electronically and a system that determines what people are allowed access. Equally important as important as the electronic portion of the access control system are the physically barriers that guide and limit people to areas they are allowed to be in. Visitors need to be welcomed into a public facing lobby but not be free to wander into more sensitive areas. Most inadvertent wandering can be mitigated with good design practice that guides people to their locations without them getting lost. Vantage Technology Consulting Group understands both the technological and architectural sides of access control and designs a system and strategy that meets the needs of each individual Client and facility.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an integral part of a security strategy. Cameras allow staff to be many places at once. They allow a central security team to observe and understand situations as they occur as well as provide a record of events for forensic analysis and evidence after the fact. Cameras and recording systems have become smarter and more effective with optional analytics built into the electronic that recognize potential red flags and bringing them to the attention of the security staff. Motion detection is the most basic red flag. More sophisticated flags include object left behind and travel in the wrong direction. Vantage Technology Consulting Group will design a CCTV system that protects your facility.

Intruder Detection and Alarm

Invaders Don’t Always Use The Door

Intrusion Detection Systems are part of an overall access control strategy. Motion detectors, glass breakage sensors, pressure pads and other triggers help secure a facilities after business hours or from remote locations. Even during business hours they help secure areas that have a higher level of sensitivity. The detection system also needs an alarm monitoring component. Security staff and potentially law enforcement personnel need to be told there is a security breach happening at the time it is happening to allow they to respond. Vantage Technology Consulting Group will make sure your facility is always protected and connected.

Mass Notification Systems

When Disaster Strikes

Massive events can have massive impact on personnel and visitors alike. These impacts affect people on site as well as off site. A comprehensive emergency response strategy helps mitigate the impacts of these disasters to the extent they can be mitigated. Part of that strategy is a mass notification system. Whether it’s a natural event such as an earthquake or fire or a terroristic crime, accurate information and instructions must be relayed to those on site and off. The Mass Notification System is tied into local systems such as the paging and digital signage systems but is also tied into text messaging, email, and automated phone dialing systems to allow texts, emails, and phone calls to be sent to an organization’s population. Use of the notification system has to be seamless and easy to use as it is during a crisis when the system is used and needed. Vantage Technology Consulting Group can design a Mass Notification System as comprehensive emergency response strategy that will help protect your personnel.