Systems Design and Strategic Technology Consulting

Vantage Technology Consulting Group provides system design and strategic technology consulting that links strategy, systems and infrastructure. We deliver creative thinking and innovative technology solutions backed by established processes and robust engineering skills.

What We Do

  • Collaborate to create a vision for next-generation technology in facilities
  • Address technology governance needs and mitigate information risks
  • Design and engineer technologies for facilities to enhance efficiency and enable future flexibility

Who We Work With

  • Partner with architects, facilities managers and owners to provide advanced IT, telecom, audiovisual, security and technology consulting for new facilities and major renovations
  • Collaborate with end users on technology visioning that incorporates current and emerging technologies
  • Team with IT departments to help them define their technology and communications infrastructure

Our Key Philosophies

  • We offer a forward-thinking vision coupled with an attention to detail that challenges conventional thinking
  • We challenge artificial boundaries and silos between technologies and take a big picture view
  • We speak the language of our clients and collaborate with them to build consensus and exceed expectations


Vantage is participating on projects that are re-defining the future of healthcare and working with a broad spectrum of clients to deliver a wide range of technologies.


Vantage is applying technology to innovations in learning and collaboration, and working in all educational areas from information security and governance to classroom technologies.



Vantage is collaborating with corporate and commercial clients to help them leverage the latest technologies while building in resiliency for the future.


Vantage is bringing clarity and excitement to our civic and public sector projects through a deep understanding of how to incorporate technology that will be resilient over time.


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