About Us

We deliver creative thinking and innovative technology solutions backed by established processes and robust engineering skills

Vantage Technology Consulting Group provides system design and strategic technology consulting that links strategy, systems and infrastructure.

What Do We Do

Collaborate to create a vision for next-generation facilities

Design and engineer technologies for facilities to enhance efficiency and enable future flexibility

Address technology governance needs and mitigate information risks

Who We Work With

Partner with architects, facilities managers and owners to provide advanced IT, telecom, audiovisual, security and technology consulting for new facilities and major renovations

Collaborate with end users on technology visioning that incorporates current and emerging technologies

Team with IT departments to help them define their technology and communications infrastructure

Formed in 2001, we have offices in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and New York and work across the country with nationally recognized clients in education, healthcare, public sector and corporate markets.

Our Vision

One Vantage finding better solutions; inspired to be the brand providing value-based forward thinking, with motivated, engaged professionals in an empowering, merit-driven workplace while HFDI (Having Fun Doing It).

Our Values

We believe our work should be meaningful and exciting. We value an environment where employees share their enthusiasm for their work.

We value people. We believe in working as a highly skilled team, incorporating multiple perspectives and opinions.

We value personal and professional growth through employee engagement. We believe our employees are the foundation for the firm’s success.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Vantage, we believe that technology is a human experience. Good technology problem solving and design requires every one of us, as humans, to be safe and feel valued. We are proud of the diversity in our team and the richness that brings to our work and our lives together. This fails if any one of us is denied basic human rights to exist, feel safe, and have the agency to express ourselves and seek meaningful purpose. We affirm that Black Lives Matter. We denounce the violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander community members. We choose to challenge gender bias, racial bias, and inequality.  We aim to help create an inclusive world. We will continue our everyday mission to hear, see, and support the diverse needs of our colleagues and clients. We stand in solidarity with our communities of color as we hear and support the human experience.

Our Core Services

Systems Design and Infrastructure Consulting

We support architectural design, technology visioning, system design and documentation, upgrades and design planning and infrastructure planning assessments.

Our projects employ the latest cutting edge technologies in low voltage systems, audiovisual systems, data networks and telecommunication systems

Strategic Planning and Technology Management

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We partner with IT departments to develop technology and communications infrastructure, address governance needs and mitigate information security risks.

Our projects address all aspects of technology infrastructure and management, strategic planning, organizational development, IT governance, and information security

Our Key Philosophies



We offer a forward-looking vision coupled with an attention to detail that challenges conventional thinking



We challenge artificial boundaries and silos between technologies and take a big picture view



We speak the language of our clients and collaborate with them to build consensus and exceed expectations


We combine our strategic and technology experience with detailed engineering and design implementation to provide you with a holistic view of your overall project


We are an independent technology consulting firm with no ties to vendors, manufacturers or installers which gives us the freedom to recommend the best solution for your project


We can work independently or partner with your architectural firm or consultant to deliver the best solution for your project