Information Technology

We have a wide variety of experience and expertise in Information Technology, including:

  • Network architecture
  • Wireless networks
  • IT Systems and management
  • Virtualization and storage
  • High performance and research computing

Network Architecture

The magic smoke that makes it all possible

All of the technologies that connect us to the resources we access, the people we work with and the tools we use to do our jobs. The network connects everything, the wireless technologies that allows us to communicate without wires, the systems that make it all run, the storage and virtualization technologies that everything relies on and the computing tools required to perform research on ‘big data’.

Vantage consultants have designed, built, analyzed, and run computing and network systems and infrastructure with deep and broad technical knowledge providing us with the experience and knowledge to assist our clients make the right technology decisions.

Wireless Networks

Breaking the ties that bind us

As the world becomes mobile, we must no longer be tethered to the wires running through our walls. Wireless networking enables our user’s devices and the ‘network of everything’ to roam freely. Enabling wireless technology is a significant technical challenge that reaches across the spectrum from security to network architecture, physical infrastructure and even classroom and A/V technology to create the seamless connectivity on any device in any location desired.

Vantage understands the full breadth of technology and infrastructure to bring to fruition a coherent and effective wireless strategy and network.

IT Systems and Management

Don’t mind the wizard behind the curtain

The data center is a maze of loud noises and flashing lights. Whether in the cloud, in one of your data centers or scattered around the enterprise, choosing and managing the disparate operating systems, servers, storage, applications, integration engines and all of the other systems that support the IT function of the enterprise possible is a challenge.

Vantage consultants have managed enterprises and provided consulting for many diverse institutions. We understand the challenges faced in selecting and managing the systems that enable the organization.

Virtualization and Storage

Virtual doesn’t mean ethereal

The promise of cost savings, agile operations and new capabilities that come with virtualization are complex and difficult to realize. The decision of how and what to virtualize brings both risks and the potential of enormous benefits. Additionally, Virtualization and Storage are tightly intertwined and provide considerable opportunities and challenges related to business continuity, disaster recovery and service uptime.

Vantage understands the costs, benefits, opportunities and challenges virtualization and storage infrastructure provide and helps our clients choose the right tools and strategy to best fit their needs.

High Performance and Research Computing

Big Data takes Big Iron

The promise of big data requires considerable compute and storage resources. However, part of what makes HPC different is the extreme flexibility required for the various principal investigators (PIs) on a tight budget with the associated creativity needed to meet constantly changing needs.

In addition to helping many clients, Vantage consultants have run HPC environments and understand the complexities, challenges and opportunities present in High Performance and Research Computing.