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At Vantage we believe in finding better solutions to link strategy, systems, and infrastructure.  It is also important to all of us to be socially responsible and give back to the communities that support us.

Vantage Point is a curated, publicly-available resources page designed to help guide and support your technology activities. Please use, modify, and share these resources as you see fit.  If you use the resources and have suggested improvements for us, just let us know.

Resource Name Resource Description Resource Type
Healthcare Technology Briefs Use these briefs to explore some of the technologies directly impacting patient care with concise overviews of their associated needs, benefits, and risks. PDF File
BC-DR Change Control Log Use this workbook to document important business continuity and disaster recovery changes that could have long-term impact on costs, resources, operational efficiencies, and information security controls. Excel Template
IT Governance Work Plan for Higher Education Use this two-page checklist of IT governance questions and needs statements as the starting point for analyzing your institution’s IT governance needs. PDF file
The 25% Plan Use this exercise to assess the workload of your team and create an action plan PDF file
Demystifying Phone and Unified Communications Use this chart to help answer basic questions about the differences between premises-based phone systems and cloud-based phone systems PDF file
Checklist for CIOs BCP After Action Review Use this workbook to answer core questions about your perceived performance of your business continuity plan and develop a prioritized remediation plan as a follow up. Excel Template
Information Security Policy Lifecycle Use this guide, which outlines the items that should be considered in each step of the policy lifecycle, when developing a policy PDF file
**Many of our resources are protected with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means that you are free to use these resources for almost anything but commercial activity. If you have questions about using these resources, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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