Educational Technology

Vantage’s team of strategic IT, academic technology and digital media planning experts deeply understand what, how and when to implement educational technologies, including:

  • Interactive classroom technologies
  • Learning management systems
  • Lecture capture

Interactive Classroom Technologies

Building a Digital Campfire for Your Students

Technologies on the horizon are bringing enhanced learning and interactivity to the classroom environment. With thoughtful planning, modern IT and AV systems can support learning in ways never before possible, including:

  • Collaboration, such as: team/group study stations where screens can be exchanged seamlessly, “bring your own device”(BYOD) systems where personal devices become part of the classroom, blending of online/face-to-face learning, and learning environments that adapt and tailor themselves to the way each individual learns
  • Specialty systems, such as: visualization labs, modeling and 3D printing spaces, and digital media studios
  • Mixed multi-modal facilities, with the right blend of: traditional classrooms, high-technology “active learning” environments (such as ScaleUp, TEAL, and workshop science classrooms), and experimental spaces

These systems allow your students and faculty to exchange information seamlessly across both the virtual and physical space of the class, and to communicate in a way that is meaningful and relevant to modern pedagogy.

From strategic planning to system design, Vantage has extensive experience working with academic staff and faculty to develop the next generation of successful academic technologies on campus.

Learning Management Systems

The Digital Learning Exchange

By now, most academic institutions are familiar with using Learning Management Systems (LMS) (such as Blackboard, Moodle, and Sakai) to manage and distribute curriculum online. These systems continue to rapidly evolve and, as they do, they are becoming an integral virtual complement to the learning community, including:

  • Creating online communities for student led and instructor led learning outside of the classroom
    Tracking and distributing class materials as well as linking students to supplemental learning opportunities (e.g. additional reading, videos, tutorials, or other students)
  • Integrating with other asset management systems (such as digital libraries or Media Asset Management Systems, see our “Digital Media” section), campus registration data, and other campus IT systems for automated broadcast of class captures and related media (when desired)
  • Using data to improve instruction, including early detection of students who are lagging and pinpointing what techniques result in the best outcomes.

Vantage’s team of strategic IT, Academic Technology, and Digital Media planning experts know how LMS impacts the campus environment and infrastructure, and we work with our clients to help them explore and get the most from a LMS that is fully integrated with the institution.

Lecture Capture

Extending the Classroom Experience

Have you ever wished you could capture a particularly inspiring moment in class and preserve it for your students? We work with our clients to design systems that can record the classroom experience and preserve it for later viewing; whether for the presenter, students enrolled in the class, as part of an online course curriculum, or even as a multimedia broadcast event out to the world.

These classroom course capture systems enhance learning retention and also help merge the in-classroom experience with the informal learning activities that occur as students go online for enrichment. Visit the “Digital Media” section to find out more about how we help our clients manage and expand these systems into useful enterprise tools across campus and worldwide.