Technology Vision and Innovation Services

Look Forward with the Technology Vision and Innovation Team

In 2021, Vantage Technology Consulting Group celebrated 20 years as an innovative strategic and engineering-based technology consultant to education and healthcare institutions, commercial owners, and architectural designers. In this brief video, the Technology Vision and Innovation Team shares what makes Vantage services uniquely valuable.

With “business-as-usual” a thing of the past, new digital horizons are changing the way we work, learn, live, and heal. Technology is a catalyst, accelerating this transformation. To stay ahead, our clients must see, build, and do things differently.

Vantage’s Technology Vision and Innovation (TVI) team is ready for this new horizon, pushing beyond prescriptive engineering with unique methodologies, processes, and services to help our clients succeed.  We elevate the conversation with skills that explore your vision for the future, incorporating technology responsibly into plans for innovation, and oversee the transformation to ensure the full potential is realized.

This expertise helps our clients see past ‘technology for technology’s sake’, making direct connections between the role for technology and the success of any project.

TVI Services

As we innovate technology, technology is innovating us – influencing everything from how we see our future (and how we leverage technology to succeed) to how to add accessible technology to basic human needs. Designers, Institutions, and Developers must “see” differently, with a new understanding for the role of technology has in shaping our environment. Vantage is leading the development of this practice with expertise on:

  • Experience Design & Futurism Workshops
  • Digital & Remote Workplace Strategy
  • Enhanced Programming & Stakeholder Visioning for Projects
  • Feasibility Studies & Project Technology Strategy
  • Resiliency & Agile Design

Technology is now a tool for change, opening up new hybrid possibilities between the physical and virtual. From face-to-face to remote, from synchronous to asynchronous, these new possibilities require new services to realize the opportunity of new technology horizons. Vantage’s TVI team offers services to fully capture the experience with leadership and expertise across multiple disciplines, from engineering the built environment, to developing and deploying virtual complements, to assisting organizational adoption, via:

  • Masterplanning with Technology
  • Modernization & Digital Transformations
  • Funding & Phasing Models

Innovation is nurtured, not bought. Leveraging all the opportunities of technological innovation, and staying ahead of the curve requires doing things differently in addition to building and incorporating new technologies. Vantage’s TVI team brings specialty technical, advocacy and, coordination services to assist project stakeholders (from project managers to IT staff to design/build teams) with challenges that require a high degree of creativity and stakeholder engagement, including:

  • Implementation Oversight
  • Client/OPM Representation
  • Technology Adoption Consulting
  • Smart Building or Smart City Hyper-integration
  • Post-Deployment Assessments or Optimization Studies

Technology Briefs

Check out our Healthcare Tech Briefs on patient room technologies for an example of how the TVI team helps you explore a vision for the future and incorporate technology responsibly into your plans for innovation.