• June 16, 2021

Vantage Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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Vantage Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA – From offices in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and New York, Vantage Technology Consulting Group (Vantage) has begun a six-month celebration marking 20 years as an innovative strategic and engineering-based technology consultant to education and healthcare institutions, commercial owners, and architectural designers.

For the last two decades, the firm has been at the forefront of innovation in design and strategy for information technology, audiovisual, security, and low voltage systems. The company was founded in 2001 in Los Angeles by industry veterans Richard Bussell and Phil Crompton. An east coast presence was established in Boston with the addition of academic and technology futurist Parke Rhoads, and a robust catalog of strategic services expanded with the addition of Cathy Bates, a higher education CIO and CISO.

Today, the firm is a recognized leader in higher education and healthcare technology with a growing presence in institutional and commercial markets. Having evolved from its engineering-centric past, Vantage has uniquely positioned itself by offering integrated technology visioning, planning, and design; providing clients with the agility and forward thinking they need to succeed in the future. By emphasizing how technology affects all levels of the human experience, Vantage is at the forefront of positive change in our global community.

According to Phil Crompton, “We founded Vantage to provide innovative, forward-thinking, and value-focused technology guidance to clients looking to solve challenges at all levels: strategy, infrastructure, and system design. Many firms excel at one of these components, but very few integrate and deliver on the collective benefits, which is where the true value lies. We leverage executive-level strategic thinking to enhance engineering-level system designs, and continually feed those experiences and lessons-learned back into our evaluation of the next technology evolution. That equates to detailed, action-oriented, and forward-thinking products that address both the strategic and functional levels of technology planning and use.”

 20 Years Looking Forward

From its formation, Vantage has anticipated ever-increasing technology integration in our lives. Today, as the global community begins to emerge from COVID isolation, the synthesis of physical and virtual into hybrid learning, health, and working environments affirms the importance of technology and its role in accomplishing the goals of the next century – from the new physical and virtual environments we experience to the things we do differently to grow. As a result, the firm has demonstrated the value of its involvement from a project’s outset by anticipating future needs across the full spectrum of a client’s challenges: planning for perpetual technological revolution, technology’s role in contingency planning, optimizing investments and capturing total value, focusing on benefits that technology can bring to user experiences.

As the firm Looks Forward to the next 20 years, it’s clear that technology solutions will become even more of a focal point as healing, teaching, working and leisure evolve. As society runs the risk of becoming even more detached and impersonal, the responsibility to help provide a sense of community, fellowship, and well-being falls on all of us, with Vantage already helping lead the way.

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About Vantage TCG

Formed in 2001, Vantage maintains offices in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and New York, working with nationally recognized clients in education, healthcare, corporate and the public sector. The firm helps shape the vision and strategy of how our clients’ lives are improved through technologies that enhance the way we communicate, collaborate, and stay connected.

Vantage’s corporate headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. The company is privately held.