We have experience and expertise across a wide range of audiovisual technologies, including:

  • Audio and video presentation systems
  • Classroom presentation systems
  • Digital signage
  • Public address systems
  • Paging systems
  • Videoconference and distance learning systems

Audio and Video Presentation Systems

Seamless, Intuitive, Compelling

Your presentation systems are no longer optional accessories; they are the face and hands of your organization’s communications technologies. In a world of tablet PCs, super computers, social media, video-on-demand and instantly accessible information, modern AV systems must do more than display PowerPoint; they must captivate the audience, immerse the viewer in a riveting performance, and inspire and motivate.

Our system designs reflect your organization’s technical competency and leverage the depth and breadth of your people, knowledge, and resources. We strive to customize our designs to your exact needs at the lowest total cost of ownership, highest ease of use, and greatest maintenance efficiency. Because we are not dealers for any manufacturer or product, we provide designs that are vendor-neutral, forward-thinking, and highly reliable.

Videoconference and Distance Learning Systems

Here, There and Everywhere

Videoconferencing and streaming media systems are no longer a luxury for the elite. 24/7/365 program availability, telepresence and mobile collaboration have become core curriculum tools in every major corporation and educational institution worldwide. Videoconferencing reduces your organization’s travel costs and carbon footprint, and improves your employees’ work/life balance. Many of our clients report that it improves employee acquisition, retention and productivity as well.

From MOOCs to Fortune 500 boardrooms, Vantage’s consultants have designed video communications, webcasting and content delivery systems for decades, and can think outside the box of conventional solutions to create systems that work seamlessly with your network protocols, usage scenarios and budget.

Digital Signage

The Media is the Message

Interested in Point of Purchase touchscreen displays, mobile interaction, ROI, ROO, or conversion analytics? At Vantage, we don’t just design digital display networks, we help you to leverage those displays and plan your content strategy for the long run. Our designs don’t just consider the viewer experience, but also address your workflow, system management, and life cycle needs.

In a world of wallpaper displays, make your DS deployment stand out as part of your cost reduction and revenue enhancement strategy. As mobile engagement technologies progress, ensure that your system design is ready to transition from an audience of many to and audience of one.

Public Address Systems

Sonic Perfection, Maximum Value

From concert halls to arena sound systems, Vantage has you covered. Our consultants have over 100 years of combined, hands-on experience with every type of sound system design including houses of worship, lecture halls, acoustic and amplified performance venues, club sound and indoor and outdoor concert systems. Working with your architectural drawings and using TEF, AutoCAD™, Revit™, EASE™ and Systune™, we design high-performance audio systems using the latest technologies and highest value products available in the industry. Because our designs are vendor-neutral, we can specify the best products for your specific needs and budget.

Whether you’re considering upgrading your existing sound system or building a new Performing Arts Center, give us a call and let us show you what we can do.

Paging Systems

Hear It, See It, Know It

Modern paging systems are more important than ever to the success and safety of your facilities. Hospitals, airports, stadia, convention centers and other large facilities require much more sophistication than basic fire alarm systems and audio paging can provide. Features such as speaker line supervision, ambient noise analysis and control, prerecorded and assembled messaging and synchronized visual paging are the norm for modern mass notification systems in conformance with National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code NFPA72‐2010 and the Standard for Communications and Control Units for Mass Notification Systems UL2572.

If your project requires integrated paging and messaging, let Vantage guide you through the maze of choices and selection of the best available technologies for your needs and budget.

Classroom Presentation

Hardworking, Efficient, Cost-Effective

Whether you’re renovating a single classroom or planning a new campus, Vantage has the experience and expertise to make your project a smashing success. From K-12 to the Ivy League, our consultants can guide you from design inspiration through completion with confidence and precision. We have designed thousands of AV systems for educational clients and pride ourselves on designing the most reliable, affordable, and easily managed systems in the industry.

Are you curious if your current systems are commensurate with similar institutions? Are you spending too much on maintenance, repairs and systems installation? Are you concerned that your current design is inaccurate or impractical? We can provide analysis, master planning, and peer reviews in addition to standard consulting services.