Vantage has a rich history of providing innovative and value-based solutions to our clients’ technology challenges.

Founded in 2001 in Manhattan Beach, CA, Vantage Technology Consulting Group’s mission is to provide forward looking technology strategy, systems and infrastructure consulting, design, and project management by delivering unbiased value-based solutions through our organized process and collaborative approach.

Partners Richard Bussell and Phil Crompton, who both worked at an innovative global consulting engineering practice prior to founding Vantage, wanted to create a firm that addressed client needs for information technology, multimedia and low voltage systems in a converged environment that improved workflow and processes while reducing cost and duplication. Early work included projects for nationally-recognized healthcare providers, educational institutions and mixed-use developers, all of whom benefited from Vantage’s integrated technology approach.

Today Vantage has offices in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and New York. We work on projects in the US and across the globe for leading clients in healthcare, education, corporate and civic markets.