Design and Engineering Consulting

Look Forward with the Design & Engineering Team

In 2021, Vantage Technology Consulting Group celebrated 20 years as an innovative strategic and engineering-based technology consultant to education and healthcare institutions, commercial owners, and architectural designers. In this brief video, the Design and Engineering Team shares what makes Vantage services uniquely valuable.


Vantage provides a complete suite of consulting services that support architectural design projects including programming and budgeting, CAD and Revit design documentation, specifications, construction administration, testing and commissioning.

Our consultants have provided timely, detailed and highly cost-effective advice on some of the most sensitive architectural construction and renovation design projects in the world, from small but critical retrofits to massive campus reorganizations. We have extensive experience with sensitive and challenging architectural issues including historical renovations, adaptive reuse, major renovations and additions and new construction projects in corporate, government, education and healthcare sectors.

The experience and expertise we bring to these projects has saved our clients millions of dollars in unnecessary equipment expenditures, construction fees and operating costs, as well as streamlining support and leveraging the available workforce. Our growth forecasting and planning for strategic accommodation of change provides owners not only with a solid day-one technology foundation, but the flexibility and capacity for growth for the life of the facility.

We merge the newest available products with a pragmatic approach with the actual current and future client needs and budget allows a design with latitude for growth. Vantage maintains manufacturer training and industry awareness for the key vertical markets to make sure we are representing the latest thoughts and usage for each.

We work closely with the client and their wishes or legacy standards, Vantage produces detailed documentation that will assist in the selection of qualified contractors capable to deploy and support the client with their installed systems. Managing the final contractor documents to ensure accuracy makes the refreshing of their systems much more fluid.

Good understanding of the client’s immediate and future goals as well as with Vantage’s technology forecasting helps in the planning of the best possible infrastructure system to support the client’s growing requirements.

As Vantage plans for an infrastructure system that will accommodate the building well into the future, all aspects are reviewed for the most intelligent but economical support system. An open-architecture conduit backbone will allow flexibility in the low voltage systems accommodating updates in technology design but still linking to key main pathways and support spaces. Accurately documented diagrams for the building’s final construction will help both client facilities and communications departments to understand the pathways and how they reside within the building for future use.

When looking at a technology system, considerations in design need accommodate periodic technology refreshes throughout the building’s longevity and provide latitude for changing client standards over the years. When upgrading a system, the goal should not be to just bring the technology system to a current available level but to also look at forecasting of client growth and also a certain amount of flexibility allowing additional functionality or changes in the operation. Planning also needs to compensate for obsolesce of existing systems or components and to accommodate new items, features or entirely new direction for the client in their technology methodology.

From meticulous oversight of timelines and budgets to effective coordination with the design team and clients, Vantage helps ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and informed during the construction administration process. We efficiently process requests for information (RFIs) to keep the project on time and within budget and conduct regular construction site visits to ensure ongoing facility and technology infrastructure progress. Our team oversees technology system acceptance testing, providing findings and recommendations in written punch lists, guaranteeing that your project meets the highest quality standards.