We have expertise in the healthcare, education, corporate and public sector markets

Vantage works in a variety of areas that include large and small, public and private, for-profit and nonprofit areas. We delve into our client’s world to understand the issues and challenges through their eyes. We have organized ourselves around providing the best possible service to our clients, providing solutions in the context of our clients’ goals and strategies.


We are creating the vision for next-generation technology-rich hospitals and healthcare facilities, and  integrating advanced IT, audiovisual, telecom, security and other healthcare technologies into new facilities and renovations.


We are collaborating with schools and universities to design technology-enabled teaching and learning environments, and working with IT departments to develop technology infrastructure, address governance needs and mitigate information security risks.

Corporate & Commercial

Vantage takes great pride in collaborating with corporate and commercial clients to help them realize the goals of their projects and support the culture of their organizations.

Public Sector

Norwich University Mack Hall - Auditorium from Stage

Civic and public sector projects present the opportunity to bring clarity and excitement to the cities in which they reside and Vantage has helped bring new thought and definition to these projects.