• January 22, 2017

Vantage Hosts AIA Event

Vantage Hosts AIA Event

Vantage Hosts AIA Event 383 356 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Chairs Jhiah Chang (left) and Richard Houston (Right) kick-off the open mic night.

On December 14th, 2016, Vantage hosted the AIA|LA Healthcare Open Mic Night.

Lead by committee co-chairs, Jhiah Chang and Richard Houston, the night was an opportunity for Los Angeles healthcare professionals to discuss innovative projects, prominent research, and other exciting topics in healthcare. Presentations included information about sensory integration in architecture, behavioral health in the ED, pre-fabricated wall systems, technology in healthcare. As an added treat, HKS gave a presentation on the new Los Angeles Rams football stadium.

Roozbeh Afzal, Principal at Vantage, presented  how technology was used to support UCLA’s Neurosurgery department’s mission at their new state-of-the-art facility in the UCLA Edie and Lew Wasserman Building. The building includes operating rooms, conference rooms, a virtual reality room with audiovisual systems fully enabled with telemedicine capabilities. The end result is a building with fully integrated audiovisual systems which allow for video-conferencing, recording, broadcasting and video telestration.

Guests were able to network with their peers and interact with the latest in healthcare technologies, which included collaborative screens, a vein finder, touch-free sensors, and high-resolution monitors.

Andrea Rufe with NBBJ presents on Behavioral Health in the ED.

Andrea Rufe with NBBJ presents on Behavioral Health in the ED.


Guests interacting with the blended, multi-touch projectors.


Fallon Lebedowicz with CO Architects presents on Sensory Integration in Architecture.


4K Resolution Display with Split Screen Capabilities showing detailed X-rays and CT scan.


Roozbeh Afzal, Principal at Vantage, presenting on the UCLA Wasserman Building.


98”, Multi-touch collaboration unit used for annotation, specialized telemedicine collaboration, and medical imaging and diagnostics.


Ron Rendina with DPR Construction presenting on Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems.


Niel Prunier from HKS presenting on the new Los Angeles Rams Stadium Design.


A guest re-constructing a skull after disassembling it using a touch-free motion-sensor monitor.


Transparent Interactive Touch Display.