• January 30, 2024

Vantage Staff Recognized for Service and Leadership Excellence

Vantage Staff Recognized for Service and Leadership Excellence

Vantage Staff Recognized for Service and Leadership Excellence 1024 536 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Vantage Technology Consulting Group is pleased to announce the promotions of staff members in recognition of their outstanding contributions to our clients and profession in the past year. These individuals embody our values and passion for forward-looking and human-focused technology, inclusive collaboration, and meaningful professional engagement. We are grateful for their leadership both within the firm and in the communities they serve. Please join us in congratulating them as we celebrate their accomplishments and well-earned career advancement.

Matthew Somogyi

Senior Consultant, BIM Manager

We are pleased to announce Matthew’s promotion to Senior Consultant.

As leader of the BIM team, Matthew has demonstrated a commitment to excellence for himself and his team. His dedication to creating processes, including standards, families, and models, has shown great success in client and staff satisfaction. Clients often praise our Vantage BIM team for delivering exceptional drawing sets and models, setting a higher standard for the rest of the design team.

“Matthew’s exceptional dedication to improving BIM team processes and standards has elevated Vantage’s reputation of delivering the best drawing sets and models, all on time and within budget.  We look forward to Matthew’s continued success in the role of Senior Consultant.” – Joanna Grama, Senior Principal, Partner, Leader of the Design and Engineering team

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Ryan Hickox

Senior Consultant

Congratulations to Ryan for his promotion to Senior Consultant.

Ryan actively collaborates with both SMEs and PMs, ensuring the internal workflows remain smooth and efficiently addressing potential bottlenecks. This dedication has been instrumental in ensuring smooth transitions and early resolution of challenges. Ryan’s remarkable strength lies in his active engagement with his team. He has spent the time identifying areas for improvement and has taken action to address these challenges, demonstrating his commitment to our collective success.

“Ryan has been nothing short of exceptional, and we’re eagerly anticipating his continued success in his new role. Your hard work and dedication have been greatly appreciated.” – Jacqueline Pitter, Senior Strategic Consultant

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Sarah Norwood

Strategic Consultant

Sarah has been elevated to Strategic Consultant.

She has found her expertise in managing complex projects, including facilitating higher education information security tabletop exercises, strategic planning for information security awareness and training programs, and healthcare technology planning and advisory services. Sarah has learned and grown since her start at Vantage, extending her knowledge with a ISC(2) certification in cybersecurity. Sarah co-manages the Leadership Lounge Mentoring Program and internally serves as co-chair of the Vantage DEI Committee. She manages both programs and helped refine existing processes to increase conversation, community, and collaboration.

“The dedication, thoughtfulness, kindness, and reliability that Sarah brings to every project she manages or supports is greatly appreciated and respected by our clients and our team.” – Valerie Vogel, Senior Strategic Consultant

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Aubrie Green


We congratulate Aubrie on her promotion to Consultant.

Aubrie plays a pivotal role in the successful completion of projects, providing detailed deliverables, and ensuring drawings are future-proof and code compliant. Clients and colleagues alike recognize her commitment to delivering exceptional results. Internally, Aubrie helps train other members of the BIM team on Vantage standards and expectations for deliverables to form a cohesive team unit.

“Aubrie is dependable, efficient, consistent, and such a problem solver. She is a delight to work with and we’re very eager to watch Aubrie succeed.” – Jamie O’Bard, Associate and Director of Project Management

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