Mercy College

MercyManhattan Campus


Mercy College is a dynamic and diverse private college with a main campus in Dobbs Ferry, NY about 20 and additional locations in Manhattan, the Bronx and Yorktown Heights.

Campus leadership approached Vantage to be an integral part in creating a new campus and experience, resulting in the launch of MercyManhattan, a new-from-the-ground-up New York City campus.  As both a strategic and design consultant, Vantage led the design thinking and vision sessions to determine and tackle current institutional challenges, including:

  • Incorporating a culture of innovation into the learning experience
  • Leading space design with technology and innovation
  • Creating a fully self-supporting campus, from scratch, where students can start and complete their degree programs
  • Sharing and maximizing space, the most precious commodity in Manhattan
  • Visioning, designing, and creating an entire campus inside an existing building in 9 months or less.

Finally announced in December 2018, MercyManhattan unveiled a plan to open a new 95,000 square feet, 3-floor facility. The updated campus, located on Herald Square at 34th Street near the iconic Macy’s Department Store in New York City, will include new academic space and classrooms, common multi-use zones, a residential dorm zone, and enhanced activity space.

Vantage actively facilitated the process leading Mercy to develop fresh ideas for what a completely new, high-tech urban campus should be. The process identified new digital tools and flexible spaces that will allow MercyManhattan to shape their curriculum and methods to educate students today and well into the future.

For the ultimate in future flexibility, Vantage leveraged an AV-over-IP architecture. By putting everything, including monitors, speakers, and AV equipment on the IP network, MercyManhattan has the ultimate in flexibility to reconfigure space and technology on the fly.

(project renderings from Mercy College)


  • Developed innovations and new approaches using design thinking exercises to leverage constraints and new ideas into a positive vision
  • Created unique strategies to meet a compressed and aggressive schedule, including rapid revisions based on near real-time feedback
  • Leveraged AV-over-IP architecture to put all AV equipment, monitors, and speakers on the network to provide flexibility to reconfigure space and technology on the fly
  • Established a new facility and culture, including new residential and degree programs focused on the 21st Century Scholar


  • Infrastructure Design
  • System Design


  • Audiovisual
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Wireless Network
  • Client: Mercy College
  • Market: Education
  • Facility: MercyManhattan Campus
  • Size: 95,000 square feet
  • Open Date: Fall 2019