• September 30, 2016

Geoff Tritsch and Jon Young To Present at ACUTA 2016 Fall Seminar

Geoff Tritsch and Jon Young To Present at ACUTA 2016 Fall Seminar

Geoff Tritsch and Jon Young To Present at ACUTA 2016 Fall Seminar 150 150 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Geoff Tritsch, Principal, and Jon Young, Senior Consultant, of Vantage Technology Consulting Group will present at the ACUTA Fall Seminar on October 18th in Denver, CO.

Geoff TritschGeoff will be presenting on Designing Emergency Mass Notification Systems. Many educational institutions are being challenged by the need to notify large and disparate groups about dangerous events, disasters, severe weather, environmental risks, and the like. In the wake of recent incidents, event notification has taken on a whole new level of urgency. But event notification can take many forms–from very high-tech to very low-tech, and the best solution may not be a single approach but simultaneous parallel approaches.

In order to ensure that your emergency notification solution will work correctly when it is most needed, proper assessment and planning is required before selecting and implementing an event-notification system solution. As too many institutions that rushed into these projects have already found out, beyond the basic technology decisions there are numerous non-technical operational and management issues that must also be addressed. This session will discuss the various decision points that must be evaluated to be sure that the solution an institution selects will meet their requirements.

Jonathan YoungJon will be presenting on The Evolution of Information Security Policies. The session will discuss the evolution of information security policies from the restrictive and ineffective policies of the early 1990s to the effective, forward-looking policies of today. Explore some of the available frameworks and pitfalls to avoid on the road to effective information security policies and practices.


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