• July 20, 2016

Educational Symposium Sessions

Educational Symposium Sessions

Educational Symposium Sessions 1024 769 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

dannenberg2Vantage Technology Consulting Group, alongside Little Architects and Contrax Furnishings, held educational symposium sessions at Santa Ana Unified School District and Glendale Unified School District. This symposium focused on new, immersive learning spaces in primary and secondary educational institutions, and the value it will have on learning.

To start the discussion, Little Architects showed how the changing needs of student learning are influenced by the pervasive, information-rich technology that is ever-present in their environments. Case studies and a guest speaker displayed how students and teachers are benefiting from the new technologies by being able to have the latest information and a means to share and collaborate ideas.

Michael Dannenberg, Associate Principal and Director of New and Emerging Technologies, presented on the latest technologies that easily provides information and increases student interaction, while also being cost-efficient, and flexible to upgrade with the changing technology field. Contrax provided layouts and new furniture items that assist with the flexible learning environment to allow multiple classroom setups within a single room.

Together, the firms show how the learning environment can change from a traditional setting to an updated active learning space to enhance student learning.