• July 11, 2019

Data Privacy Issues in Higher Education

Data Privacy Issues in Higher Education

Data Privacy Issues in Higher Education 536 365 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Associate Vice President Cathy Bates was recently interviewed by EDUCAUSE on issues that impact data privacy in higher education.

The video was posted on Twitter and the transcript of Cathy’s comments are below:

Transcript of Cathy’s Interview

“Every year, we’re starting to see another step up in terms of new obligations when it comes to compliance – from local compliance on our campuses or with our board of trustees to state auditors and regulatory compliance plus the national level with all of their different compliance levels.

Between the increasingly wide spread bad actors and threat vectors being managed by security operations and the growth in compliance, these departments are enormously busy.”

Data Privacy Topic Guide

The post with Cathy’s video introduced EDUCAUSE’s latest topic guide – Understanding Data Privacy Issues in Higher Education. This detailed topic guide is a curated set of the best and most current EDUCAUSE resources on data privacy.

The Topic Guide is organized by these categories:

  • Learn: Read about higher education privacy topics and understand the challenges unique to higher education.
  • Plan: Assess your privacy capabilities and and find proven practices that helped other institutions address important privacy issues.
  • Do: Implement privacy practices and validate your forward progress.
  • Share: Discuss your lessons learned and contribute your privacy expertise to the higher education IT community.