• August 10, 2020

Abigail Day Joins CREW Boston Board of Directors

Abigail Day Joins CREW Boston Board of Directors

Abigail Day Joins CREW Boston Board of Directors 1024 676 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Vantage Technology Consulting Group congratulates Associate Principal, Abigail Day, as she joins the CREW Boston Board of Directors. CREW (Commercial Real Estate for Women) promotes connecting women who are professionally engaged in commercial real estate work or services. The organization provides a forum for discussion, education, and fundraising while focusing on the advancement of women in commercial real estate.

Abigail says that one of the most important things she gets out of her CREW membership is female mentorship since women mentors in leadership are scarce in her daily work life. “The people that I’ve met in CREW and relationships I’ve built have been career changing for me”, says Abigail, “I’m finding that my CREW participation is not only a benefit to me personally, but great visibility for my firm as well.”

Abigail has already been hard at work as a CREW member and co-founder of a new group within CREW Boston called the Development Project Management Group (DPMG). DPMG brings together CREW members who focus on the design side of real estate development projects and they provide professional development and networking for their members. Abigail joins the CREW Boston Board as liaison for the DPMG and Sustainability committees. Two areas that she is passionate about.

If you’d like to chat with Abigail or learn more about her role at Vantage Technology or with CREW Boston, connect via email or LinkedIn.