With traces as far back as the Roman Empire, challenge coins have been used to show accomplishment and achievement.  Their current use can be tracked to the US military.  Starting as a tangible symbol to indicate someone belonging to a particular unit, completing a training course, or performing a certain task, it is a recognized and coveted memento because it is earned.

Challenge coins today have transitioned beyond the military and are used in law enforcement, security, government, self-help groups, and in some cases charities and corporate environments.  They are given for similar reasons; accomplishing a task, membership of a group, completing a significant training course, etc.  At Vantage Security Consulting, we are carrying on the tradition and have recently minted our own challenge coin.


The Vantage Security Consulting coin is reserved for clients and collaborators who participate in a security project.  The coin is double sided with the front symbols representing our mission: To promote safe and secure environments, that protect people, property, and culture, by means of quality evaluations, analysis, and recommendations. The back side of the coin bears our slogan, “Vision for a safer tomorrow” and symbols of the industries we work in (from the top clockwise): Justice, Healthcare, Government/Civic, Retail, Commercial, Banking, and Education.

Please contact Director of Security Consulting, Chad Shade for further details regarding our security consulting services (chad.shade@vantagetcg.com or 310-536-7676).