• May 20, 2015

Vantage Seminar on Cybersecurity at AICUP 2015

Vantage Seminar on Cybersecurity at AICUP 2015

Vantage Seminar on Cybersecurity at AICUP 2015 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

heartbleedJon Young, Vantage’s resident cybersecurity expert, presented “Heartbleed, Cryptolocker and the Advanced Persistent Threat” at the AICUP Member Meeting on Collaboration in Harrisburg, PA, on June 11, 2015.   With over twenty-five college and university IT administrators in attendance, Jon discussed recent high-profile security incidents, the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) that have surrounded these incidents, and his recommendations on how to build a sensible security posture applicable to the realities of higher-education.

AICUP (the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania) exclusively serves the interests of private higher education within the Commonwealth and exists to complement and support the work of campus leaders.  AICUP’s mission is to educate policymakers, media representatives, as well as civic and corporate leaders about the benefits, value and quality education available at Pennsylvania’s independent colleges and universities.  AICUP works to create partnerships among its member institutions to enhance their programs and reduce costs.

Jonathan YoungJon Young is a Senior Consultant at Vantage with over 20 years of experience designing, installing, configuring and managing data centers, IT systems and networks, and leading a variety of IT departments.  Platform agnostic, Jon builds teams, systems and networks with a risk-informed approach to reliability, disaster recovery and scalability.  Jon is an active member of Infragard, a member of the ACUTA cybersecurity taskforce, a member of the GIAC Advisory Board and holds a SANS GIAC Security Leadership (GSLC) certification.


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