• January 21, 2015

Vantage All-Hands Meeting Promotes Awareness; Shared Knowledge

Vantage All-Hands Meeting Promotes Awareness; Shared Knowledge

Vantage All-Hands Meeting Promotes Awareness; Shared Knowledge 603 373 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

In December, the entire Vantage Technology Consulting Group team met in our Los Angeles office for the fourth and final “All-Hands Meeting” (AHM) of 2014. The capstone to an ongoing series of staff discussions that take place via videoconference throughout the year, the annual AHM brings together Vantage consultants from our Boston, New York, Philadelphia and LA offices for a full program of shared knowledge and collaborative discussions about the latest innovations and developments in technology.

“Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we.”

Vantage’s All-Hands Meetings are an essential tool for keeping pace with advances in every area of technology. Equal parts educational seminar, information-sharing forum, coordinating session, team-building exercise and pep rally, AHMs are instrumental in helping us understand how changes in technology will impact our designs and benefit our clients.

“Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we,” Vantage Principal Richard Bussell said. “The All-Hands approach is all about collaboration. It is the ultimate give-and-take. Everyone on the team contributes to our collective pool of knowledge, which allows us all to keep up with the latest developments far more effectively than we possibly could individually.”

There’s a lot to keep up with. Modern technology’s evolution and convergence stops for no one. It is integrated into every aspect of human endeavor, and even the most cutting-edge technology will be supplanted eventually – as anyone with a computer more than five years old certainly knows.

For Vantage consultants, such changes are not seen as problems to be solved but rather as opportunities to be embraced and shared with our clients. And when we do, once again, it’s all about collaboration.

“This is a guiding principle and core value for everyone at Vantage – and it translates directly into our work with our clients,” Bussell said. “Collaboration is a key to our success. Everyone participates, and everyone benefits. We share knowledge; work within a team dynamic; foster open communication to make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s a process that we understand very well, and our clients respond to it with great enthusiasm.”

And it’s an approach that has proven itself time and time again. Since its inception in 2001, Vantage consultants have been providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for clients in higher education, healthcare, public/government, corporate and commercial sectors.

With offices and staff based in Los Angeles, Boston, New York and Philadelphia – and clients located throughout the US and around the globe – Vantage founders Richard Bussell and Phil Crompton recognized the importance of bringing their often far-flung team members together at regular intervals to discuss new technologies, the latest developments and the work we are doing with our clients.

Vantage’s All-Hands Meetings grew out of this need to connect with our colleagues, and as the firm continues to grow, their importance has never been greater.

“As technology consultants, we look beyond today’s technology to prepare our clients for the opportunities of tomorrow,” Bussell said. “Technology will continue to adapt and evolve, of course. Working together – collaboratively – the Vantage team will adapt and evolve right along with it.”