• July 3, 2018

Robert (Bob) Kuhn, Ph.D

Bob Kuhn - Senior Consultant at Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Robert (Bob) Kuhn, Ph.D

Senior Consultant, Emeritus

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Robert (Bob) was Executive Director of Technology at Simmons College for more than five years until mid-January, 2009. Bob oversaw the building of a single Technology organization, insourcing and consolidating after a five year period of outsourcing and building.

An expert in harnessing information technology to the service of higher education, Bob has amassed a wealth of experience in his 25 years as a higher education IT professional. As a mathematics doctoral candidate and later faculty member at Harvard University, as well as on the faculty of Boston University, he developed strong convictions about what IT could and should do for academicians and administrators. As a senior IT manager at Harvard University, Radcliffe College, and Boston College, he put those visionary ideas into most effective practice.

As Senior Consultant with Compass Consulting, Bob focused on assisting clients with strategic planning for information technology, academic technology planning (including computers in the classroom and distance learning), and disaster recovery preparation. His core competency begins with the application of information technology to the central activities of a university: learning, teaching, and research. Bob is now a Senior Consultant with Vantage Technology Consulting Group specializing in IT management consulting, particularly strategic planning, governance and organizational effectiveness.