• August 27, 2020

Cathy Bates

Cathy Bates

Senior Principal, Associate Partner

Cathy Bates has 30 years of experience in higher education with a strong focus on strategic planning, leadership, IT governance, and information security. A former CIO, Cathy speaks and writes frequently about how to build and sustain effective organizations and programs.

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Dude, Where’s My Data? Leveraging Data Governance to Improve Analytics

NACUBO Webcast
December 12, 2019

  - Audience Size: 120
  - Format: Panelist

Creating/Rebooting Your Campus Information Security Program

EDUCAUSE Security Professional Pre-Conference Workshop
May 13, 2019

  - Audience Size: 50
  - Format: Workshop panelist, focus on program development and strategy

4 Considerations for IT Governance

EDUCAUSE Video Interview
April 2019

  - Audience Size:
  - Format: Panel Video Interview

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Alternative Credentialing in Higher Education

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
October 28, 2016

  - Audience Size: 75
  - Format: Panelist

So You Wanna Be a CISO? Understanding the Skills, Pathways, and Professional Development to Get You There

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
October 27, 2016

  - Audience Size: 50
  - Format: Panelist

Your Online Reputation

Arizona and North Carolina higher education institutions

  - Audience Size: 300
  - Format: Keynote Presenter