• July 26, 2017

Vantage Hosts AIA|LA Healthcare Event at UCLA

Vantage Hosts AIA|LA Healthcare Event at UCLA

Vantage Hosts AIA|LA Healthcare Event at UCLA 1024 681 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

aiala-ucla-1This past May, Vantage hosted an AIA|LA Healthcare event at the UCLA Edie and Lew Wasserman Building, the newly built science, research, and clinical complex on UCLA’s main campus in Westwood. Roozbeh Afzal, Principal, and Michael Dannenberg, Director of New and Emerging Technologies, along with Jim Crawford, Partner with Richard Meier and Partners Architects, hosted the program that showcased the latest in educational healthcare technologies.

Designed by Richard Meier and Partners, the patient care facility, a LEED gold-certified 100,000-square foot six-story building, is a wonderful example of modern architecture. The building houses the UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology (IUO), the Stein Eye Institute and the UCLA Global Neurosurgery Center. The facility includes state-of-the art procedure and clinical space and training and conference facilities.

aiala-ucla-2As guests arrived at the telemedicine suite, they experienced a simulated telemedicine session, as a means of learning about the project. The audiovisual and information technology systems designed for the building allows students, facilitators, and doctors to communicate with physicians and surgeons globally, with the ability to follow live procedures.


aiala-ucla-3The conference space shown at right serves as a digital sandbox for the UCLA Neurosurgery department. A large format, curved, 3D-enabled projection screen is an important visualization technology that allows users to collaborate on complex cases with medical images rendered in 3D in real-time. The conference room is also equipped with gesture based peripherals that permit the user to control technology in the room using just one’s hands.

aiala-ucla-4Jeff Shoate, Audio Visual Systems Manager at UCLA, led guests through the virtual reality lab and the surgical theater system. This room allows doctors and patients to view 3D models of the brain generated from MRI and Cat Scan images. These models are used to educate patients, while also training doctors and surgeons ahead of their procedures.

Guests toured the operating rooms where optical procedures occur daily.

aiala-ucla-5Many guests were impressed with the amount of technology within the space and the ease of use of the equipment. Those in attendance asked many questions about the multiple uses of the building. This teaching facility serves as a medical center offering world-class care, that enables students to learn the workings of professional healthcare systems.