Allegheny College

Network Modernization Roadmap

Vantage helped Allegheny develop a network modernization plan that included financial lifecycle options to support a sustainable funding model. Vantage also prepared documentation for campus leadership articulating why the network investment matters to institutional success.


Well known for its focus on undergraduate research, Allegheny College is increasingly dependent on its network to deliver fast, reliable, and secure technology services to students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Like many institutions, Allegheny has been challenged by the need to address deferred maintenance while maximizing limited resources. Vantage was brought in to help Allegheny develop a sustainable, prioritized and actionable plan to modernize the network.

Vantage created and held a workshop to facilitate the development of a roadmap for the improvements needed for its networking infrastructure. In parallel, we met with key institutional stakeholders and leadership to understand the forward-looking challenges and opportunities. We worked with the leadership team to identify the unique risks and challenges that are part of the network strategy.

We also worked with the IT leadership team to discuss and document both current challenges and opportunities and their vision for the future. After defining the high-level network vision, Vantage partnered with Allegheny’s technical staff to develop a prioritized, buildable design, including costing and implementation strategies needed to reach these outcomes.

Our deliverables included all workshop facilitation materials, and a phased roadmap outlining future network infrastructure activities designed to support the growing needs of their campus. A vital feature of this project was providing Allegheny financial lifecycle options to create a sustainable funding model in support of the modernization plan.

The project completed with an executive summary outlining the challenges, opportunities and benefits of the plan clearly articulating what and why this investment matters to institutional success in terms that resonated with the President’s cabinet.


  • Benchmark the existing network and future vision with peers using EDUCAUSE CDS data
  • Realistic and implementable design for a best-in-class network
  • Unparalleled network capable of meeting compliance objectives when competing for grants and research funding
  • Continuous improvement plan ensuring the network will always be ready to enable the institutional mission


  • Infrastructure Design
  • IT Costs + Financial
  • Peer Review
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Information Security


  • Network
  • Network Security
  • Automation/orchestration
  • Wireless Network

The Vantage Vision for a Modernized Network, a good overview of the key design elements you should consider as you modernize your network environment, including automation & orchestration; identity-aware networking, role-based access control, and Zero Trust; and analytics, sensors, and packet brokers.

  • Client: Allegheny College
  • Location: Meadville, PA
  • Market: Education
  • Project: Network Modernization Roadmap