• June 26, 2018

NYU Langone Opens New Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital-34th Street in New York City

NYU Langone Opens New Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital-34th Street in New York City

NYU Langone Opens New Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital-34th Street in New York City 806 515 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

On June 24, NYU Langone Health opened the doors to a new inpatient healthcare facility, the Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion. The building includes the new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital-34th Street which is the first children’s hospital built in New York City in almost 15 years.

At the entrance to the Children’s Hospital, Spot, a 30-foot-tall Dalmatian sculpture, greets patients and visitors to the new 160,000-square-foot, 68-bed facility.

Spot at the New Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital (Image from NYU Langone Staff)

“Spot embodies playfulness, but also determination and dignity, which is really what’s necessary to get through an illness of childhood,” says Catherine S. Manno, MD, the Pat and John Rosenwald Professor of Pediatrics and chair of the Department of Pediatrics at NYU Langone Health.

NYU Langone Health is one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers and the new children’s hospital was designed with the needs of children and families in mind. The following video from the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital website provides a behind-the-scenes look at the new facility:

Vantage Designs the Visitor Management System for Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital

Vantage was responsible for the Visitor Management System or VMS in the new Children’s Hospital. Specifically, we helped the hospital team identify the various ways that patients and visitors could enter the facility and worked to integrate the VMS system with their workflows. For example, the system needed to accommodate scheduled and unscheduled patients, patient’s parents or guardians, patient’s guests, professional guests and contractors – and each type of visitor will have different access profiles and capabilities. In addition, parents or guardians can create access lists in the patient’s electronic health record to pre-approve visitors.

The capabilities of the new VMS include:

  • Self-registration via a kiosk or through an online portal
  • Ability to take a picture and print customized badges
  • Mechanism to perform real-time checks against approved guest lists and external watchlists
  • Integration of lists of permitted or banned visitors per patient
  • A color-coded system to provide a quick visual indication of everyone on the floor and who can make decisions for the patient
  • Customized access to specific floors and elevator controls

What Other Technologies Are in the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital?

The new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is one of the most technologically integrated and sophisticated hospital with many new innovations that will set a new standard for hospitals across the country.

“We wanted to be thoughtful with how technology would grow with the building.” Nader Mherabi, senior vice president and vice dean, CIO at NYU Langone

The press release from NYU Langone highlighted some of the new technologies in the facility:

  • MyWall, customized by and for NYU Langone, is a 75-inch, high-resolution electronic display screen in each patient room that allows patients to customize their experience in the hospital. They can learn about their care team and plan, view entertainment, order meals, and control their room’s ambiance and environment, via a tablet.
    Hassenfeld Childrens Hospital - MyWall

    Typical Patient Room with 75-inch MyWall at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital (Screenshot from YouTube Video)

  • Robots will transport meals, linens, supplies, and medication and remove hazardous waste throughout the facility, freeing up staff to focus on caring for patients.
    Robots Perform Routine Tasks at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital to Free Staff to Focus on Patients (Screenshot from YouTube Video)

    Robots Perform Routine Tasks at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital to Free Staff to Focus on Patients (Screenshot from YouTube Video)

  • Digital Medication Drawers are located outside each patient room and synced to a patient’s electronic health record to ensure they are receiving a personalized inventory of medications. This improves the efficiency and safety of medication management and administration, which data from health systems nationwide shows is one of the most difficult processes to manage.
  • Buzz OR/AV Management is a high-resolution display that integrates several information systems to allow surgeons and other members of the care team in our state-of-the-art operating rooms to visualize a case in real-time, and even interact with pathologists in the lab.
  • Clinical Mobile Companions are a suite of unique applications installed on 2,600 mobile devices—designed for convenient use by nurses, doctors and other care team members to provide better quality patient care and improve productivity and communication among the clinical staff. Clinical Mobile Companions were designed by and for NYU Langone.
  • Staff Terminal—Nurse Call System is an intelligent call system that allows nurses to stay in contact with patients and the broader care team, improving the flow of communications and decreasing response time while also minimizing errors and other tasks that might draw nurses away from patient care.

How Can I Learn More About What Vantage Doing in the Healthcare Industry?

Phil Crompton, Principal, and Michael Pincus, Associate Principal, were the key members of the Vantage team working on this project. You can reach out to them, view our Healthcare page or visit the Contact Us page to send us a message to discover how we can help you with your next project.