• April 21, 2022

Why Vantage Project Managers are Key to Successful Design and Delivery

Why Vantage Project Managers are Key to Successful Design and Delivery

Why Vantage Project Managers are Key to Successful Design and Delivery 792 523 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Project Management Institute (PMI) reports that the demand for Project Managers has been growing with the shift in technology advancements and changing workforces. Companies are realizing that good project management doesn’t just offer a record of completed to-do’s, but can enhance productivity, facilitate coordinated results, and increase employee satisfaction. Great project management goes even further – allowing a company to achieve its strategic goals and employees to see the impacts of their work. (Project Management Institute, 2017)

Vantage has cultivated dedicated Project Managers as part of its design and engineering delivery workflow. We’re unique in that regard, but it’s sometimes unclear how these individuals contribute to the successful integration of our services and of a project.

Companies that undervalue project management see 50% more of their projects fail than those that implement project management processes. But surprisingly about 42% of companies do not understand the need or importance of project management. (Teamstage, 2022). To better understand what Vantage Project Managers contribute, let’s start with understanding the process all Project Managers are familiar with.

There are five phases in the project management process (Indeed , 2021):

  1. Initiating

  2. Planning

  3. Executing

  4. Monitoring and Controlling

  5. Closing

Project Managers use this process to keep their team focused on the objective of each phase. By creating processes and goals for each phase, good Project Managers help keep projects on schedule and within budget, without compromising the quality of the deliverables.


During Initiating, Project Managers define the needs of the project and work with leadership to determine if the return on investment for the project outweighs its risks. Once it is determined that the ROI is justified, the project can begin. Vantage Project Managers use the initiating phase to understand our client and how we can help achieve the mission of the project. We connect with stakeholders and describe how technology works, what systems do, and how each department is affected by these systems. We bridge the communications gap.


During Planning, the scope of work is determined, and a team is selected and assigned their responsibilities. Vantage Project Managers align the needs of the project with the budget and schedule. Production needs are calculated, meeting times are scheduled, and deadlines are established.


The work continues, and tasks are completed during the Executing phase. Project Managers work closely with their teams to ensure the established plan is met.

Monitoring and Controlling

Project Managers ensure projects are on the proposed timeline and within budget and make the appropriate adjustments as needed during Monitoring and Controlling.  Vantage Project Managers are the central point of communication with the client and ensure the client’s needs are met. This dedicated level of organization and planning make projects more efficient and ensures the client there is an advocate for them throughout the project.


Once a project is delivered to the client and approved, Project Managers Close the project by identifying the project’s success and areas for improvement. Often on large efforts or ones with a wide array of technologies, Vantage hosts technology workshops on the new space with clients so end-users can understand and utilize the technologies in the buildings. IT departments, staff, faculty, and public leaders are trained on how to use systems and have stated that these workshops are beneficial in ensuring rooms can be used as they were designed, and knowledge can be appropriately transferred across the organization.

Importance of Project Management

Each phase of the project management process creates a focus for Project Managers and the Vantage team. It allows the quality of the project to become measurable through meticulous planning and actionable items that help the team stay accountable while encouraging teamwork. Vantage’s investment in dedicated Project Managers means that we deliver on realistic project plans, ultimately reducing costs, creating better quality control, and fostering alignment with the strategic plans of both the project’s stakeholders and their internal team.

This post was authored by Jamie O’Bard, a Project Manager for Vantage. She is a member of the Los Angeles and Orange County chapters of PMI and regularly shares her experience and expertise in project management with staff and as a guest lecturer to students to elevate and mentor others.