• March 27, 2017

SXSW Learning by Design Awarded To…

SXSW Learning by Design Awarded To…

SXSW Learning by Design Awarded To… 1024 547 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

hed-logoCongratulations to our client, Harley Ellis Devereaux‎ (HED Design), for winning the conceptual design competition of Learning by Design at the SXSW Education Conference. The project, Citti Academy, is an innovative high school, within a high school, in San Bernardino, CA that is dedicated to developing young minds to be successful academically and in their personal lives.  One of several hundred entries for this inaugural award, curriculum at Citti Academy involves interdisciplinary study that centers around the student’s interest as well as personal growth with classes like personal finance, stress management, and nutritional wellness. Having finished within the Top 50 schools of the XQ Super School Project contest, Citti Academy is nationally recognized as a leader in redefining high school education.  With 34.6 percent of people living in poverty, San Bernardino is the most-impoverished city in the state and second in the country, behind Detroit, MI. Citti’s passion to provide holistic education is to combat that percentage and raise leaders that will help their community and beyond.

Michael Dannenberg, Director of New and Emerging Technologies at Vantage

With a focus on delivering multiple learning styles, the school involves Learning Pods and Advisory Clusters where students utilize Seminar rooms, collaborative gathering places, and media resource centers in place of traditional classroom layouts. Michael Dannenberg, Director of New and Emerging Technologies at Vantage, helped develop the technology concepts within the campus to provide students the outlet for creativity and collaboration. Flexibility was essential in the design giving students the latest in technology while being cost efficient. Michael guided HED and Citti Academy through the different active learning classroom technologies and explored the best systems to support their mission of developing future leaders.

Congratulations again to our friends at HED and Citti Academy!

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