Confidential Private Graduate Health Professions Institution

Data Privacy Program


The Confidential Private Graduate Health Professions Institution offers residential and online healthcare-related graduate degrees with a student body includes students from 35 countries. Given the varied understandings of data privacy around the globe, Vantage was brought in to help establish the institutional data privacy program to provide a framework for addressing institutional technical and non-technical privacy-related issues.

Working closely with the institution’s compliance and technology staff members, Vantage helped the leadership team to identify the unique risks and challenges that should be addressed within the institution’s data privacy program. We also worked with this leadership team to identify ways in which the new data privacy program could be linked to other institutional information security and risk management programs and activities to decrease staff administrative burden while still effectively meeting the desired outcomes and success factors for the privacy program.

Following these discussions, we assisted in revising the charter for the Information Security Council. The activities of the council were expanded to tackle potential risk and compliance challenges related to the operation of information systems and information security, data privacy, and the use of data at the institution.

We also provided the institution with a data privacy program workbook that is designed to help the institution administer its data privacy program activities. The workbook contains a multi-year privacy program roadmap for future activities to improve privacy maturity, and templates for conducting data inventories, completing user data collection profiles, and performing data protection impact assessments and privacy risk assessments.

Our deliverables included the Information Security Council charter and related documentation, the data privacy program workbook, and a high-level review of privacy laws for technology staff. A key feature of this project was providing the institution with an executive-ready presentation briefing detailing project results.


  • Helped leadership establish a more strategic and proactive approach to campus-wide data privacy
  • Provided a roadmap and tools to prioritize operational activities to reduce institutional data privacy risk


  • Data Privacy Program Development
  • Privacy Program Workbook
  • Executive Briefing


  • Higher education data privacy strategy and best practices
  • Data privacy and information security certifications
  • College leadership, strategic planning, and governance
  • Client: Confidential Private Graduate Health Professions Institution
  • Location: Central US
  • Market: Education
  • Project: Data Privacy Program