• January 25, 2019

Are you #PrivacyAware? Top Tips for Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy - CC0 via Markus Spiske on Pexels

Are you #PrivacyAware? Top Tips for Data Privacy Day

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Our Top Tips for Data Privacy at Work and at Home

January 28 is Data Privacy Day. Observed on an international scale, the goal of Data Privacy Day is to help people understand how their personal data is being used, collected, and shared—especially as that data is increasingly stored in digital form. By celebrating Data Privacy Day, we are also reminded of the importance of the need to be aware of privacy at home, at work and in our communities.

Vantage Technology Consulting Group understands that respecting digital privacy is important and is proud to be a 2019 Data Privacy Day Champion.

Data Privacy - CC0 via Markus Spiske on Pexels

To kick off our Data Privacy Day observation, Vantage consultants share their top personal data privacy tips:

Be #PrivacyAware in Public Spaces

When working on your own computer in a public space such as a library, coffee shop, client office or flexible and open work environments more common in the cities, remember to either log out or set your laptop screen into sleep mode to ensure no one can accidentally view materials and information or to even maliciously access your computer if you step away for a break (after you make sure to physically secure your device). And, never log into your email or any other authenticated website on a public computer.

Michael Dannenberg, Director of New & Emerging Technologies / Associate Principal

Be #PrivacyAware with Conversations in Public

Don’t forget where YOU are – I have been in several public areas recently where people have been on their cell phone disclosing personal facts or key business developments while clearly wearing visible badges with their name and employer (or gym membership). I didn’t want to hear the things I’ve overheard (and tried to forget), but if I’d been a miscreant trying to piece together those same details online it would be considered a major data breach (and possible corporate espionage).

Parke Rhoads, Principal

Be #PrivacyAware with Location Tracking

Location tracking on your mobile device can be great, because it allows your apps to show you services relevant to your exact location. However, some apps track location data even when you are not using the app or when that type of data collection is not necessary. Be sure that you are enabling location tracking services mindfully and regularly review which apps are using your location data. Pay attention to the pop-up privacy notes that you get when you install new apps and review them to make sure the permissions the app is asking for are appropriate for the task the app is to perform. Turn off location tracking when you are not using it.

Joanna Grama, Senior Consultant

Be #PrivacyAware with Your Family

Talk to your loved ones about protecting their privacy–especially kids. Teach your children that anyone taking their picture should have the child’s informed consent before the picture is taken and that the child can specify how and where that picture will be used. Kids need to understand and be empowered to control their public persona, especially on social media. Along those lines, stop posting to social media about your vacation when no one will be home. If you feel the need to share, do so after you return safely.

Jon Young, Associate VP

Be #PrivacyAware with Your Information

Maintain an expectation that identifying information is out there despite your good practices. Use a credit monitoring service that alerts you to new activity and check it regularly for any suspicious accounts or credit checks.

Cathy Bates, Associate VP

Where Can I Learn More About Data Privacy

Take the time to learn more about data privacy by visiting these resources: