• July 18, 2022

Tyler Reis

Tyler Reis


Designer | Artist | Outdoors Enthusiast

With a background in drafting and BIM for architectural and engineering companies, Tyler brings an exacting level of detail and a unique understanding of systems integration to Vantage’s BIM capabilities. He has expertise in a range of design, drafting, modeling, VR/AR and 3d printing software, including SketchUp, REVIT, AutoCAD, Fuzor/ARki, and VR Software Enscape. With an interest in efficiency and accuracy, he has worked on a range of healthcare, commercial and mixed-use projects as well as established systems within offices to facilitate production abilities.

Tyler’s notable efforts have included 3D renderings and photorealistic VR walkthroughs of the 20 story mixed-use Lied Place Residences in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, and the Dormie Club, a private Golf Course in West End, North Carolina. He is AutoCAD and Revit certified.