• July 10, 2018

Jamie Segovia

Jamie Segovia


Crafter | Singer | Adventurer

As a Consultant for Vantage, Jamie integrates the audiovisual and technology systems into the overall building model, participates in clash detection activities and is responsible for the care and feeding of our BIM systems. With a specialization in healthcare and education projects, she is a leading engineer on our production team. Her ability to explain complex systems and reiterate the needs for end-user functionality, makes her a valuable member of the design team and with clients.

She manages Vantage’s Engineering Roundtable discussions where team members are able to share their experience and expertise of different aspects of technology consulting and management. By coinciding discussions with projects, Jamie provides our production team with access to essential knowledge from our senior staff.

As a graduate of the Drafting & Design Program at ITT Technical Institute, she has decided to pursue her B.S. in Project Management.