• August 27, 2020

Parke Rhoads

Parke Rhoads


As a technologist, Parke explores the human-centric design of high technology environments and the innovative organizations that create them. His work and public speaking are informed by a wide variety of experiences, including as a scientist, professor (Physics & Astronomy), technology design consultant, academic consultant, and former Chief Technology Architect of the United Nations.

In his role as Principal and Higher-Education practice leader for Vantage, Parke’s professional interests include STEAM curriculum development, academic technology, technology systems, human-centric design, organizational behavior, and futurism/innovation planning.

Select Presentations

Point/Counterpoint: What Activates Learning, Space or Technology?

EDUCAUSE ELI (Education Learning Initiative)
February 2019

  - Audience Size: 150
  - Format: Presenter

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Impact of COVID19 on Technology

American Institute of Architects & Society of College and University Planners
June 2020

  - Audience Size: 150
  - Format: Moderator and Panelist

Beyond the Information Commons: A Field Guide to Evolving Library Services, Technologies, and Spaces

Rowan & Littlefield Publishers, 2020 (Forrest, C. & Halbert, M. ed.)
September 2020

  - Audience Size:
  - Format: Co-Author

S2E2: Where Ideas Come From

The Good from Dickinson College Podcast
September 18, 2019

  - Audience Size:
  - Format: Featured Guest

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Revolutionary Challenge Ideation and Proposal Workshop

Dickinson College Dept. of Institutional Advancement

  - Audience Size: 80 in person, 120 virtual
  - Format: Presenter and Workshop Facilitator

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IllumUNations: Combining Technology and Sociology to Enhance “Place” at the United Nations

Harvard Art : Technology : Psyche Conference

  - Audience Size: 250
  - Format: Presenter