Technology Vision and Innovation

Vantage believes that “business as usual” is a thing of the past and that fundamental change is upon us in the way we work, learn, live, and love.  We use that change as a catalyst to facilitate transformation through the meaningful and thoughtful use of technology, helping our clients and co-workers elevate interactions, improve workflow and process, and make a difference.  Accordingly, and purposefully amid this challenging climate, Vantage is delighted to announce the launch of our Technology Vision and Innovation (TVI) group.  Led by Parke Rhoads and Phil Crompton, the TVI team challenges the traditional ways that technology integrates into the built environment.

Our TVI team will strengthen Vantage’s mission of pushing beyond defensive engineering and conservative approaches by taking a fresh, innovative look with our clients and teams at the points of intersection where work, study, community, and people collide.  Rather than demanding our clients tell us what they want, we’ll embark on that journey together as partners and take responsibility for creating a vision that makes a difference, through fundamental change or incremental improvement.  Together, we’ll eschew ‘technology for technology’s sake’ and bring our best thinking and ideas to your projects to accomplish meaningful results and work we can all be proud of.

We’re excited about TVI and the opportunities it will bring to our existing and new clients.  Watch this space for more information about Vantage, TVI, and how we can help you in the next few months.  We’ll be in touch soon!