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Ventura College is a 2-year institution of higher education located in Ventura, California about 60 miles north of Los Angeles and has an enrollment of 14,500 students.

The Applied Science Center is the newest addition to the Ventura College campus. The Large Lecture Hall is a 210-seat venue that includes a large 12’ tall x 24’ wide projection screen that is used to display the classroom computer, wireless devices, the overhead ceiling document camera, room video cameras or Blu-ray movies with a high-lumen, high-resolution projector. Distance education is supported by a recording appliance used in concert with the audio support and the three high-definition pan-tilt room cameras.

The Visualization Classroom is a specialty lab classroom that is used for 3D display of GIS modeling information on a fixed 8’ tall x 18’ wide rear projected glass screen. Infrared 3D emitters are located behind the screen and around the room allow for the display of active stereoscopic 3D materials when used with active eyewear. The large screen includes a 32-point simultaneous touch bezel, allowing presenters to touch and move the images.

The Career Technical Center is a flexible “maker” style space that can accommodate very large items such as machining equipment on its structural slab.  A sturdy overhead structural system accommodates power and pneumatic services on retractable reels and overhead data connections mounted to the grid. Power and data around the room allow for additional flexibility in computer stations, 3D printers, or other equipment.


  • Incorporates a flexible “Maker” style space
  • Specialized 3D visualization and large scale immersive and interactive environment
  • Accommodates special events in the community “shared” large venue spaces separate box office area


  • Infrastructure Planning
  • System Design and Documentation
  • RFP Development/Vendor Selection
  • Implementation Oversight
  • Design Build Management
  • Architectural/Engineering Design Support


  • Structured Cabling
  • Fiber Networks
  • Audiovisual Systems
  • Distance Education
  • Security Systems/Access Control
  • Client: Ventura College
  • Architects: Gensler
  • Location: Ventura, CA
  • Market: Education
  • Project Type: Science Center and Maker Spaces