State University System Office

Insider Threat Program


A large multi-campus state university System Office wanted to improve their insider threat program and grow the maturity of their existing program.

The System Office holds a facility clearance with the US Department of Defense for certain faculty and students to conduct classified research. As a cleared contractor, the System Office is required to establish and implement an insider threat program that is consistent with Executive Order 13587 (2011). Contractor requirements for these programs are specified in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).

The System Office had created an initial insider threat program and was interested in addressing program gaps, improving program training materials, and growing the maturity of their existing program.

Vantage developed a phased set of activities to help the System Office demonstrate forward progress on strengthening its insider threat program and provided guidance on yearly program activities as well as a roadmap for future program improvements.

Specifically, our project deliverables included:

  • Completely revised insider threat program policy and related planning documents to address NISPOM requirements
  • Updated process documents to assist the System Office in investigating and responding to a suspected insider threat
  • Revised insider threat training materials for annual security briefings


  • Provided guidance on insider threat program requirements
  • Created a sustainable framework for an institution’s insider threat program
  • Defined tasks for insider threat program management
  • Developed metrics and roadmap of activities for future program growth


  • Program design and policy creation
  • Process documentation
  • Training materials creation
  • Recommendations and roadmap


  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Security
  • Insider Threat
  • Client: State University System Office
  • Project Type: Education
  • Services: Insider Threat Program