NYU Langone Medical Center

Hassenfeld Children's Hospital


In 2018, NYU Langone Health opened the doors to a new inpatient healthcare facility, the Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion. The building includes the new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital-34th Street which is the first children’s hospital built in New York City in almost 15 years. The Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is a 160,000-square-foot, 68-bed facility that was designed with the needs of children and their families in mind.

Vantage was responsible for the Visitor Management System or VMS in the new Children’s Hospital. Specifically, we helped the hospital team identify the various ways that patients and visitors could enter the facility and worked to integrate the VMS system with their workflows.

The capabilities of the new VMS include:

  • Self-registration via a kiosk or through an online portal
  • Ability to take a picture and print customized badges
  • Mechanism to perform real-time checks against approved guest lists and external watchlists
  • Integration of lists of permitted or banned visitors per patient
  • A color-coded system to provide a quick visual indication of everyone on the floor and who can make decisions for the patient
  • Customized access to specific floors and elevator controls


  • Accommodates scheduled and unscheduled patients, patient’s parents or guardians, patient’s guests, professional guests and contractors
  • Provides each type of visitor will have different access profiles and capabilities
  • Allows parents or guardians to create access lists in the patient’s electronic health record to pre-approve visitors


  • Program Development
  • System Design and Documentation
  • Architectural / Engineering Design Support


  • Visitor Management System
  • Client: NYU Langone Medical Center
  • Location: New York City, NY
  • Project Type: Healthcare
  • Facility: Children’s Hospital
  • Project Size: 160,000 sq ft
  • Completion Date: 2018