Large Eastern University

Classroom Technology Assessment and Master Plan
Generic University from Aman Bhargava via Unsplashed


A large private Eastern research university has more than 18,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students organized into 12 differnt schools. Their goal is to be a leader in technology-rich learning and research and they envision a more connected, vibrant, public and accessible campus and state-of-the-art learning environment to enable innovation research and a culture of innovation.

After their leadership unveiled new master plans and strategic initiatives focused on innovation, the campus IT and classroom stakeholders were challenged to leapfrog over a backlog of obsolete and poorly maintained classrooms into a new generation of high-technology classrooms integrated with the next horizon of learning and teaching methodologies.

There were three main challenges facing the university:

  1. They had many classrooms in a wide range of departmental or registrar management and it appeared that demand for classrooms was growing faster than the supply
  2. The classrooms were set up with different configurations and uses, and there was a backlog of obsolete and poorly maintained facilities
  3. The IT and classroom technology resources thinly spread across multiple complicated tiers of stakeholders

To overcome these challenges and Vantage was brought in to:

  • Assess the current condition of classroom technology
  • Develop future targets, benchmark current conditions and future targets against institutional peers
  • Consolidate into one clear view all the campus governance and stakeholders
  • Develop a plan to meet future targets
  • Assist the stakeholders in developing one unified voice of advocacy to campus leadership for classroom technology resources that tie directly into the new masterplan and campus innovation initiatives.

In collaboration with key departmental, administrative, and IT stakeholders, Vantage produced a three-part report and plan, with extensive data-driven appendices, that developed a clear plan to meet institutional goals with classroom technology improvements while contextualizing and optimizing campus resources.

The resulting benefit to will be more modern technologies, better use of classrooms, better funding and operations for learning technologies, and improved learning outcomes.


  • Identified a clear and concise program for effective implementation to reach their goals
  • Defined how mission-driven classroom technologies will enhance learning
  • Developed a future state of classroom technologies report that allows the institution to anticipate growth and needs to maximize efficiency and resilience


  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • Financial Modeling and Assessment
  • System Assessment & Planning
  • Benchmarking and Peer Review


  • Educational Technologies
  • Audiovisual
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Systems
  • Videoconference
  • Wireless Networking
  • Client: Large University
  • Location: Eastern United States
  • Students: More than 18,000
  • Project Type: Classroom Technology Assessment and Master Plan