Easthampton Public Schools

New K-8 Maple School


The Easthampton Public Schools District is located in western Massachusetts about two hours west of Boston and responsible for educating about 1,600 students in Easthampton, MA. Currently, there are three elementary schools in Easthampton servicing students through the 4th Grade, a separate middle school for students in the 5th through 8th grades and one high school for all 9-12th grade students.

In order to foster a more inclusive setting and provide more unique programs and experiences for younger students, the school district decided to build a new K-8 school to house all Kindergarten through 8th grade students in a single building.

Vantage is working with Caolo & Bieniek on the strategic planning, visioning and classroom design for the new school. Following the visioning and programming meetings it was made clear that classroom technology played an important role in meeting the vision of the district’s superintendent. Standardizing on an approach to technology system design assists with the supportability efforts of the district’s IT staff.

Project highlights include transparency between the gymnasium, band/chorus and adaptive PE spaces which are all connected in some shape and form through architecture and technology.

The gymnasium offers a divisible Skywall to separate the elementary and middle school student bodies during instructor lead classes and an intelligent audiovisual system when the room is configured. Using audio over IP technology will allow for functional flexibility for various types of events, classes, lectures and performances. The Media Lab offers a green room where students can test their skills using digital media as a platform for learning and exploring ideas through interactive video recordings and animations.

Students and staff are scheduled to move into the new building in August 2022.

(Project renderings captured from Caolo & Bierniek Associates walkthrough video.)


  • Design uses AV over IP technology to provide maximum and functional flexibility
  • Implements green room technology in Media Lab for hands-on and interactive training
  • Creates technology systems that will be easy to use by school staff


  • System Design


  • Audiovisual
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Systems
  • Wireless Network
  • Electronic Security
  • Client: Easthampton Public School District
  • Project: K-8 Maple School
  • Location: Easthampton, MA
  • Architects: Caolo & Bieniek Associates
  • Project Type: Education