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EdX Studio and Teaching Theater
Dartmouth EdX Teaching Theater - Studio



The Dartmouth EdX Studio and Teaching Theater is the premier spot for developing content for EdX, a non-profit online initiative that focuses on broadening access to high quality education. Located inside the Jones Media Center, the EdX Studio and Teaching Theater is accessible to students and staff for creating engaging videos, broadcasts, webinars, and other content that can now reach an audience of thousands.

With the new studio, Dartmouth launched DartmouthX, the branch created specifically to develop EdX content. With classes ranging from Retail Fundamentals to C Programming to Environmental Science, DartmouthX provides an expanded suite of distance education courses. Professional Certificate Programs are available through the portal and grants access to lifelong learners.

Vantage assisted with the visioning, programming, and basis of design for the technology program, architectural/engineering design support, RFP development, and construction administration support.


  • Encourages deeper faculty and student interaction and collaboration by providing access to technology and versatile spaces
  • Prepares students for professional environments using the latest technology and recording systems
  • Allows for learning content and online courses to be shared to a broader audience
Dartmouth EdX Teaching Theater - Content on Screen


  • Facilitated Workshops and Visioning Sessions
  • Technology Program Development
  • System Design and Documentation
  • RFP Development
  • Transition / Phasing Planning
  • Architectural / Engineering Design Support
Dartmouth EdX Teaching Theater - Control Room


  • Audiovisual Systems
  • Videoconference and Distance Learning Systems
  • Educational Technologies
Dartmouth EdX Teaching Theater - Studio
  • Client: Dartmouth College
  • Location: Hanover, NH
  • Project Type: Education
  • Architect: Jones Architects
  • Facility: Studio and Teaching Theater