California State University Long Beach

Liberal Arts Active Learning Hall


California State University Long Beach (CSULB) began its first day of classes in September 1949 and is now the third largest campus in the CSU system with nearly 40,000 students.

The Liberal Arts 2, 3 and 4 renovation project, the first renovation of these buildings since they were initially constructed, consists of a seismic retrofit, extensive building upgrades and the addition of approximately 26 smart technology classrooms to the campus. Classrooms are equipped as “smart classrooms” which are designed to promote interactive learning and team collaboration and established as the new standard classroom model being deployed across the campus.

A state-of-the-art audio visual system was installed in every classroom and the walls are finished with IdeaPaint to transform each space into a hub of creativity. The building’s other main academic features include:

  • Faculty and staff offices
  • 4 interactive collaboration classrooms
  • 22 typical classrooms
  • Computer lab and conference room

Completed in January 2015, the LEED Silver certified building is the winner of the 2015 Best Practice Award for Overall Sustainable Design, Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC).


  • Technology and open space encourages faculty and student interaction and collaboration
  • Connectivity enables building to serve as a creative teaching tool

“ ‘Project of Substance’ touching the heart of education by providing the best learning environment for students.”

Mary Stephens, VP of Administration


  • Technology Program Development
  • System Design and Documentation
  • RFP Development/Vendor Selection
  • Implementation Oversight
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Architectural/Engineering Design Support


  • Audiovisual Systems
  • Digital Media Systems
  • Interactive Classroom Technologies
  • Computer Labs
  • Client: California State University Long Beach
  • Location: Long Beach, California
  • Market: Education
  • Facility: Active Learning Hall
  • Architect: Steinberg Hart
  • Builder: C.W. Driver
  • Size: 28,000 SF
  • Completed: January 2015