• April 26, 2016

Geoff Tritsch and Jon Young Present at ACUTA

Geoff Tritsch and Jon Young Present at ACUTA

Geoff Tritsch and Jon Young Present at ACUTA 150 150 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Geoff Tritsch, Principal, and Jon Young, Senior Consultant, of Vantage Technology Consulting Group presented at the 45th annual ACUTA conference in San Diego, CA on April 24th and April 25th.

Their presentations were:

The RFP—How to Write One, Get a Fair Price, and Protect Your Organization (Geoff Tritsch and Jon Young)

Vague and sweeping RFPs and complex and convoluted RFPs both result in added costs to you! This session outlines the key elements to be included in an RFP and help you work with your Purchasing and Legal Departments to shape and guide the procurement process, increasing the possibility that you can get the services you need at a price you can afford.

Cooking Switches to Brew a New Data Center (Jon Young)

Jonathan YoungThe College of Southern Maryland is a multi-campus community college with a bond-funded project to replace the phone system and the wired and wireless networks and to upgrade the supporting electrical and mechanical systems. In this interactive discussion we’ll talk about the choice we made not to put air conditioning in our telecom rooms, allowing them to be very hot. We’ll discuss how we came to this decision and what we’ve learned along the way.

You’ll come away with a new perspective that might save you a significant amount of money – in our case, enough to update our data center.



Public Speaking – Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself (Geoff Tritsch)

Geoff TritschGlossophobia – The fear of public speaking. A debilitating and sometimes career-limiting inability to speak in front of groups of people. Of all the skills we come to rely on as managers, the ability to stand in front of an audience to transmit information, motivate people, tell a story, or present a compelling argument is one of the most valuable. But for many people, speaking in front of an audience is scarier than a root canal and more uncomfortable than the middle seat on an airplane. Public speaking may be scary, but like most skills there are strategies and tricks-of-the-trade that make it easier and even enjoyable.



ACUTA, the Association of College and University of Telecommunication Administrators, is an international non-profit educational association servicing colleges and university. Their mission is to advance the capabilities of higher education communications and collaboration technology leaders.