COVID-19 Resources

In this time of disruption, our thoughts go out to all who are affected by the spread of COVID-19. The Vantage team is continuing to support our clients and friends during this challenging time; creating and sharing thought-leadership resources to help our front-line colleagues in IT, healthcare, and education respond to this quickly-changing situation. The following are curated professional resources and our own thought-leadership pieces meant to inform response activities and help you navigate the new normal.

We wish everyone health and safety.

Vantage Web Series: Project Heroe - Pandemic Healthcare Reimagined

Associate, Alexis Diamond, discusses Project Heroe

Vantage Web Series: Collaboration Technology

Learn about managing collaboration technology

Student Perspectives on Emergency Remote Teaching

College students share their experience with learning during this pandemic

It's 9PM. Do You Know Where Your Ventilators Are?

Technology solutions with Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

CIO Strategic Minute: Thinking about Change Control Documentation

A Self-Guided Disaster Recovery Workbook for Higher Education

Project Heroe: Pandemic Healthcare Reimagined

A Reimagined Global Healthcare Solution to Future Pandemics

Vantage Web Series: Future-Proof Conference Rooms

Learn about building & managing future-ready conference rooms.

After Action Review for IT Contingency Planning

Download our free workbook to help with your institution’s after-action review

The 25% Plan

The 25% Plan

An exercise on workload assessment and planning for your team

How to Relieve Work-from-Home Fatigue

Learn some tips to fight Work-from-Home Fatigue

Vantage Web Series: Lecture Capture Solutions

Learn about mistakes to avoid when deploying and managing lecture capture solutions.

Virtual Gatherings: Roles and Rules for Online Meetings

Read some of our Tips and Tricks to online meetings

Managing Outpatient Flow in the Time of COVID-19

Technology solutions for patient management