• January 29, 2020

Cathy Bates named Vice President at Vantage

Cathy Bates named Vice President at Vantage

Cathy Bates named Vice President at Vantage 1024 728 Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Recognizing her outstanding work with clients and contributions to the higher education industry, Cathy Bates is named Vice President to start the 2020 year. Congratulations Cathy!

Cathy Bates, Senior Consultant at Vantage Technology Consulting GroupAs leader of our strategic consulting team, Cathy continues to grow our strategic service offerings by adding highly qualified team members and developing new services to help our clients.

Tapping into her background as a CIO and CISO, Cathy guides higher education IT leaders through the process of developing IT strategic plans and governance programs that align with their institutional mission. Rather than simply providing a template, she focuses on each client’s unique needs, helping them shape document language, customize charters, and understand committee member selection. By the end of each project, Cathy’s clients have the capability to either launch well-rounded IT strategic plans and engaged governance programs, or greatly improve existing ones.

“We could not have partnered with a better firm. Consulting firms often don’t get the environment and culture of small schools, but Vantage provided the high touch we needed and we felt heard and understood. We clearly saw our data and our story in the deliverables.” – Client testimonial

She maintains a network of C-suite leaders who know and trust her, and with whom she exchanges ideas, challenges, solutions, and innovations. Cathy also mentors many up-and-coming leaders as they prepare to transition into leadership positions within or beyond their institutions, helping to build a larger leadership network.

She is also a leading contributor in the industry, speaking at EDUCAUSE, NACUBO, NERCOMP, and other conferences, writing thought-provoking and relevant thought leadership pieces, and engaging in webinars, podcasts, and online videos.

“Cathy is a part of the overall firm leadership group, helping develop the vision for the next evolution of the Firm as we move into our third decade.” – Phil Crompton, Principal

Connect with Cathy via email, LinkedIn, and Twitter