snhu6Southern New Hampshire University is a leading institution in online education, offering more than 200 online degrees and certificates at an affordable cost. Its next phase for furthering education practices was the introduction of the Sandbox ColLABorative, the research and development arm for SNHU. Serving to develop internal and external processes, the space itself had to serve as a conduit for innovation. Vantage Technology Consulting Group designed technology tools for 21st Century collaboration, weaving audiovisual and IT systems into the fabric of this visionary incubator.

snhu3With open floor space and multiple areas for group or individual discussion, the space provides a collaborative environment. Contributors have an endless area to share ideas on walls lined with writable surfaces and projectors.

The large meeting area has a dual-projector connection that can utilize the large surface for a presentation, or break into multiple areas for group discussion. Because of the non-traditional seating, the presenter is able to move and interact with the audience and the digital content. The touch screen and annotative capabilities allow audience input and makes for an interactive presentation.

snhu4The network infrastructure allows for users to easily connect personal devices to share information and allows the edited versions to be saved and distributed among the collaborators.

Now open and in use, the Sandbox ColLABorative is gaining a reputation nationally as a leading center for creativity and innovation in Higher Education.




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