Coney Island Hospital

Data Center

Location: New York, NY
Client: NYC Health & Hospital Corp.
Architect: Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.

Project Description:

In response to Superstorm Sandy, Vantage Technology Consulting Group, as part of the Parsons Brinckerhoff team, is providing technology consulting services for Coney Island Hospital.  Under the direction of NYC Health & Hospital Corp. (NYCHHC) and FEMA, Phase 1 of the project includes preparation of a report assessing the damage to the data center and auxiliary spaces.

Vantage is also providing initial schematic designs for moving the data center and other related equipment to more protected parts of the hospital.   Phase II, when it goes forward will involve the completion of the design effort started as a result of the storm.  Vantage has worked on other hospitals that were damaged in severe natural disasters and understands the FEMA process and what it takes to mitigate a disaster.


  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning
  • System Assessment and Planning
  • System Design and Documentation
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Architectural/Engineering Design Support


  • Structured Cabling
  • Data Center
  • IT Systems


  • Disaster Planning to mitigate future weather events
  • Knowledge of FEMA process helping to guide hospital through this process
  • Upgrade systems as needed for “future think”, i.e. thinking clearly in a time of change and challenge.