Sutter-Health-logoWhen representatives from Vantage Technology Consulting Group joined officials from Sutter Health, HerreroBoldt, SmithGroupJJR and other Integrated Project Delivery Team members last October for the “Bottoming-Out Ceremony” marking the end of excavation at the busy Van Ness and Geary construction site in San Francisco, everyone involved knew that the project would soon begin moving in the opposite direction – and it has!

The historic location is currently being transformed into what will be one of the leading medical facilities in San Francisco when it opens in 2019, operating as the flagship hospital for Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) affiliate.  For a report on Vantage’s contribution to this important project, last year’s bottoming out ceremony and a bit of background info about the historic site, read our earlier blog post, “What Goes Up Must First Come Down”.

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Check back often. We’ll be posting updates and new photos as the facility begins to take shape.

More information about CPMC projects in San Francisco is available here:

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