Edward Manougian

Lead Engineer

Edward Manougian
  • Automobile Enthusiast
  • Chef
  • World Traveller

Edward brings a strong background in Information Technology infrastructure, systems and applications to Vantage.  With several years of experience working in the corporate side of the IT world, he brings technical expertise and real-world know-how to his project planning.  His extensive knowledge of the inner-workings on how businesses manage their IT departments allows him to provide invaluable insight by evaluating projects and recommending plans that are both cost effective and user-friendly while creating value for his clients.

Aside from general IT administration, Edward also has experience with website creation and site planning, digital media editing, telecommunications management, budget planning/cost-reduction and customer service.  He has a passion for all things electrical or mechanical, and that combined with his strong work-ethic and ability to grasp new concepts allows him to provide forward-thinking technology consulting to all of his clients.